Language Teacher/ Tutor Services

We at provide highly educated and well experienced language teachers for schools, institutes and colleges as well as tutors for Home Tuitions, Group Tuitions and Online Tuitions. They are highly proficient in different languages and are well equipped with appropriate teaching skills, ensuring the growth in learning process of their students. As a prerequisite, our teachers are fluent in their respective chosen languages and have demonstrated efficiency in their work. Both our teachers as well as tutors are able to impart their knowledge to the students well at all three levels i.e. beginner, intermediate and expert level. Apart from teaching them grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills they aim to make their students global citizens as learning about a foreign land, its language and culture helps in expanding the awareness about what people in other parts of the world think and believe. It also helps in crossing the boundaries. This is achieved by reading their literature and interacting with them under the guidance of a capable language teacher.

Our teachers do not believe in dictating the lessons to the students rather they use their own creative, innovative and dynamic teaching approach. Even during the online sessions, our tutors make sure that students are actively participating while learning their lessons. They encourage and motivate the students to break their inhibitions about speaking a new language, which is a common fear among them.

A language is best learnt in context rather than long explanations which aid the learners in developing good comprehension skills. Our teachers bestow the best of their skills and knowledge through this approach. They understand the perspective of their students and deliver according to their abilities and wherever they stand at present. However, they keep on assessing student progress simultaneously.

As we believe in quality rather than quantity hence, we provide classes for small group of students or on one-to-one basis. Whether it is making people learn from the scratch or at an expert level our teachers are thorough professionals in this arena.

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