Interpretation Services

We at provide a wide range of interpreting services in more than one language for global corporations, professional associations, law firms and more. Our highly skilled professionals are capable of interpreting and communicating accurately and effectively in different languages spoken across the globe. They are available whenever there is a need or requirement for the events like conferences, public presentations, foreign delegation visits or business meetings with overseas clients. Our interpreters are fluent in speaking and are expert in transmitting a clear message to the target audience. Apart from having high level of competence and comprehending capabilities our interpreters possess other features like critical analysis of the translated information and clear articulation of sentences. They know how and what to highlight in the text and constantly upgrade their professional vocabulary.

Different types of language interpretation services we offer are:

Phone Interpretation

As the name suggests, phone interpretation is done over the phone by our professionals where the need is spontaneous and unscheduled.

Consecutive Interpretation

In consecutive or bilateral interpretation, the interpretation is live. As the name implies there are only two languages at work at a given point of time. The interpreters speak during pauses when speakers of both the languages stop speaking. It is mainly used for court hearings, informal meetings, etc.

Simultaneous Interpretation

The prerequisites for simultaneous interpretation are high level of concentration and fast pace. A team of two interpreters is used where they speak alternatively after every 15 minutes. While the speaker doesn’t stop speaking the interpreter interprets the source language into target language simultaneously.


If you are looking for a reliable and valuable language interpreter service, our team of experts is accomplished enough to meet your requirements. Rest assured the quality of our services is not compromised as we understand that our customers are worth it.