Spanish teacher/Tutor available in Dwarka-Delhi

Spanish language is the world’s second most spoken native language after Mandarin (Chinese) and it is third most spoken language in terms of total numbers of speakers after (Mandarin and English) . It is spoken by almost 500 million people in the worldwide. Spanish speaking population is one of the fastest growing segments in the world now a day. It is spoken by all Latin American countries (except Brazil) and also it is second most spoken language in USA. According to updated data it is official language of 21 countries that’s why it covers a huge geographic area of the globe.

Spanish is one of the six official languages of United Nations, WHO many other International Organizations like – European Union, Union of Latin American Nations, African Union etc. USA is the second largest Spanish-speaking country in the world after Mexico; Spain is the 3rd largest Spanish –speaking country in the world.

After Latin the language that has had the biggest influence on Spanish is Arabic. It is completely phonetic language. In Spain Spanish is also called Castellano.We also provide language experts for MNCs and tourist guide for tourists as their demand is going too high. In MNCs or international businesses, people who speak more than one language are usually preferred over the others simply because they are more marketable and can easily maintain business relations internationally. Therefore the best option which is available with us Learn Spanish and earn bright future.